About the Client

Techasoft is an application, software development and consulting company in Bangalore focusing on website, mobile, desktop, and embedded software solutions, QA and testing. Since 2017, we have been bringing digital transformation to mid-sized and large enterprises in Banking and Finance, Travel, Insurance, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Retail. Our key domains include enterprise software, e-commerce, e-learning and IoT.

The Challenge

As a customized software developing company, Techasoft websites have to be user friendly, so the visitors shall have a good experience. Techasoft provides many services and we loved ranking for different keywords of their services on top.

Strategy And Execution

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is a very crucial part of any business likewise in SEO knowing your competitor work as powerful research approach in achieving a higher rank to the website. A business can rank when he has a decent rivalry among his companions

Engagement was not Happening

Getting engagement is significant for the website to make the business successful, engagement not simply means the random person visiting the site, Cure SEO believes in getting the right engagement for the website that can be converted in profit-making clients.

Keyword research

Researching about the perfect keyword that generates business is an important aspect never to be missed. For Techasoft we analyzed the best keyword and we are successfully ranking on top in most of the keywords of the business.

Onepage tag optimization

For an ideally optimized On-Page Tag optimization plays a very basic, as these are the tags that help Google Crawlers to differentiate among the title, headline & the normal text. For Techasoft a multi-service provider maintaining these format is very much required to make the website Google friendly

Content optimization

Content is the thing that describes the beauty of anything. optimization of the content is done so as it can attract a large number of targeted audiences. On Techasoft there was a special focus on updates that happens in the technology world that was shared in the blog section.

Off-page and link building

Like the other side of the coin, Off-page optimization is equally significant as On-Page SEO. Cure SEO has done a proper Off-Page SEO by building the links on the quality websites to achieve a higher rank in the niche.

Complete redesign website with UX optimization

UX Design is that part of the website that will attract your customers towards your website. We fully understand what an individual interested in IT, needs and how can he be attracted to the business.

Lead management system

Managing leads for any business is important for growth and analyzing the sales performance over a period of time. Every business has its own model of managing leads. Likewise, Techasoft is very much pleased with the kind of system provided that helps them in maintaining records of their leads.

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