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Because we are not a middle man we offer our internet marketing services at a much lower price than our competitors which results in better ROI for our customers.



All of our clients can track the progress of their digital marketing campaign on a daily basis from the digital marketing team working on your project.



Get high rankings in the search engines, increase traffic and revenue with quality search engine optimization services.



Take advantage of our effectual link building services that will increase your website popularity and rankings.



Reach thousands of potential customers by taking your business online with the launch of a professionally designed website.


Heal SEO is a leading SEO Agency in Bangalore, we provide world-class SEO Services for Startup companies which will boost organic traffic to your Website and increase Lead Generation. At Heal SEO, we handle every startup like a newborn, we implement the right SEO strategies which will work best for your organization. Our Organic SEO Services for Startup Companies in Bangalore works on SEO requirements of your startup enterprise from the very preliminary stage. Our affordable SEO services for startups build a foundation for your upcoming brand and promote it through various channels. So it steadily strengthens its reputation in its early stages. We handle all the essential tasks associated with startup websites, which cover copywriting, interactive website setup, optimization, and marketing operations. We h...

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How Does Seo Work?

SEO is not just optimizing your webpage, it involves various organic, unpaid - online and offline techniques to reach higher ranks. Also, by implementing effective SEO strategies we can get higher conversion rates and brand awareness and so much more.


PACKAGES SEO Basic Plan SEO Silver Plan SEO Gold Plan SEO Platinum Plan
Monthly Cost ₹ 15,000 / Month ₹ 20,000 / Month ₹ 30,000 / Month ₹ 60,000 / Month
Website Attributes SEO Basic Plan SEO Silver Plan SEO Gold Plan SEO Platinum Plan
No. of Keywords Guaranteed in Top 10 5 10 20 50
Number of Keywords 10 20 30 100
Maximum Contract Time 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
Number of Key Phrases Optimized 10 20 30 40
Detailed SEO Strategy & Plan
Preliminary SEO Check
Sitemap Creation HTML & XML
Competitor Analysis Report 5 10 20 30
Keyword Analysis Report
Initial Site Analysis Report
Robust Code Setup
Google Analysis Setup & Configuration
Crawler Compliance Implementation
Google Webmaster Setup & Configuration
Anchor Tag Optimization As Per Requirement As Per Requirement
Optimizing Pages 5 10 20 All
Home Page Optimization
Body Text Optimization
Title Tag Optimization
Image Optimization 5 10 As Per Requirement As Per Requirement
Heading Tag Optimization 2 5 As Per Requirement As Per Requirement
Internet Linking
W3C Compliancy
Optimize your keyword Density
Content Optimization
URL Optimization
Sitemap Implementation
Robust.txt Implementation
RSS News Feed Submission
Search Engine Submission
Niche Business Directories 50 100 250 500
Meta Tag Optimization
Forum Posting 25 75 200
Directory Submission 100 250 500 1000
Article Submission 20 50 100 200
Blog Updation & Promotion
Social Bookmarking 100 250 500 1000
Classified ads Creation & Posting 25 75 150 250
Press Release Distribution 10 25 50 100
Blog Creation(wordpress, Blogspot) 1 5 10 20
Keywords Oriented Article Creation 5 10 25
Customer Review / Testimonial Submission
Video Optimization(video provided by Client) 2 10 25 50
Web 2.0 Site Creation 2 5 10 25
PPT & Docs Submission 3 6 12 25
Google Map & Wikimapia Updation
Yellow Pages Submission 2 5 10 25
Local Search Engine Submission
Geo - Tagging
No Follow Link Check
GEO - Social Targetting Research
Strategically presence on top social media websites 1 3 10 10
Facebook Fan Page Creation
Social Media Optimization
Facebook Regular Updates
Facebook Timeline Design
Facebook Profile Avatar Design
Facebook Page Likes & Fans 200 500 1000
Facebook Apps Integration
Twitter List Management
Twitter Page Creation
Twitter Background Design
Twitter Followers 100 500 500 1000
Regular Updates
Regular Updates
Profile Keyword Optimization
Linkedin Company Page Creation
Linked In Account (Personal Profile)
Video Submission 5 10 25 50
Access to Premium Social Apps
You Tube Background Design
You Tube Channel Creation
Guaranteed Views 100 250 500 1000
Video Creation & Optimization
Social Reputation Monitoring
Website Design Consultation
Landing Page Analyzing
Latest Online Marketing Trend Updation
Google Penalty Link Removal
Enquiry Pages Review & Suggestion
Branding Development Consultation
Monthly Work status reports (Detailed)
Weekly Report
Social Media Report
Search Engine Ranking Reports
Chat support(Gtalk,Skype,Etc)
Email Support
Phone Support
Delivery Time 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months


Unquestionably nothing apart from the scale of the challenge everything remains the same. As Google doesn’t care whether you are a startup, solopreneur or a major financial institution or the smallest online retailer – What Google cares about is connecting people with the most relevant content for each search query. The SEO requirements for a startup are the same as the world’s biggest brands and search engines want to see the same things from you as any other kind of business. Even Google doesn’t accept compromises when it comes to search optimisation and you need to get the fundamentals to spot on. The sooner we understand what kind of SEO strategies your company needs we will be able to build a self-sustaining SEO strategy.

As mentioned early Google doesn’t care what kind of business you are or what your marketing objectives might be. Search engines have their own agenda and when it comes to SEO it is all about awarding high-ranking positions to pages that provide the following: Accessibility: Before any search engines can rank your pages, they need to be authorised to access them. Quality content: Relevant, unique and useful content that provides the answers for the users who are looking for when they type in a query. Excellent UX: Website is an extension of the search experience and Google desires to see great UX from your pages. Engagement: Quality content and great UX keeps users on your site and engaging with your content, which is precisely what search engines want to see. Optimisation: All the optimisation essentials that make web pages easy for search engines and users to understand. Essentially, we will have to create great content and experiences to your website while covering the technical optimisation essentials - i,e. what search engines and users want to see from you.

The major factors search engines look for are content, links, and RankBrain. Along with Keywords, Links, UX signals, Engagement signals, Location.

Valuable, Linkworthy, Sharable, Varied, Visual, Optimised Actionable. The good news is startups tend to be innovative by nature so there is a good chance you have already got something unique to say and a good understanding of your audience. Most big brands struggle with this but you have something of an advantage here, so we make the most of it and create highly compelling content.

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