5 Underused Video Ideas To Generate Leads

5 Underused Video Ideas To Generate Leads

“For 68% of B2B marketers, lead generation tops their priority list”

Through lead generation, businesses attract strangers/leads from those who have indicated some interest in your business. You then work to engage these leads to convert them into your customers. Generating leads can get your business more organic customers, create sales, improve ROI, and of course increase profits. Undoubtedly, Lead generation is an important marketing aspect. However, it is also a rather challenging one. Statistically speaking,

“For 61% of B2B marketers, lead generation is their #1 greatest challenge”

It is clear thus that businesses require to put in a lot of marketing efforts s to generate leads. And while deploying those efforts, the aspect of ‘Video Marketing’ sometimes gets overlooked. We at Heal SEO, have always included Video Marketing with successful results in our Lead generation strategies. This is mainly because videos great tools for user engagement, and hence can generate good leads. So, based on our experience we have got for you some Video ideas that you can implement for lead generation, which we are explaining in detail below.

5 Underused Video Ideas To Generate Leads:

When we consider the use of video marketing to generate leads, your first and foremost step should be optimizing your videos for Search Engines. Thus, Keyword optimization, meta description, and transcript, etc. should be utilized

Below are five underused video ideas that you can implement to generate relevant leads and work ahead to make customers out of them –

  1. Embed videos and make use of Call to Action: Videos or audio-visual content is always engaging for the consumers and thus, you must embed videos into your web pages, blogs, articles, etc. You can also make proper use of video content on social media platforms such as stories and reels on Instagram, Facebook, etc. This will help you to engage the users. Now, to convert this engaged audience into leads, add CTA i.e. Call to Action within your videos. For long videos, add your CTA more than once at intervals. Through your CTA, direct the audience/viewer on how they can further engage with you. Thus, you can maybe ask them to subscribe to your business channel, or like and share on social media, etc.

  2. Use videos with e-mail marketing: Email marketing is one of the top three lead generation strategies used by B2B businesses. Email marketing is rather old school but, provenly very effective marketing strategy. However, textual emails can become boring. Adding videos to your e-mails can make your emails more engaging, also, they can help your emails more interesting for the receivers. However, Gmail and Outlook do not accept embedded videos within emails. Thus, you’ll require to add links to your videos. Also, you can look out for specialized software solutions that can be used to integrate videos within your Gmail and Outlook emails such as BombBomb, HippoVideo, etc.

  3. Add video to landing pages and vice-versa: Statistics show that – “68% of B2B businesses use strategic landing pages to generate leads”. The meaning is clear, landing pages help in the lead generation, rather they are designed specifically to get qualified leads. If you embed videos in your landing pages, you can easily convey the information you want to the visitors with less textual content. Visitors will be more willing to watch the video rather than read all the information. So, limit your landing pages to the title, headline, CTA, etc. to give context, and let your videos do the talking and generate leads for you.

  4. Invest in YouTube Advertisements: YouTube today is the 2nd largest search engine, It is also the 2nd most popular social media platform. YouTube video consumption is about 1 billion hours per day. To put it short this is one powerful platform where users are engaged in a large number of videos. Along with optimizing your videos for YouTube, you need to invest in Paid Advertisement i.e. Pay Per Click or Pay Per View, etc. on YouTube. The cost will be varying according to our targeted audience, video quality, etc. You can then add your CTA to your advertisements, to generate leads.

  5. Use Gated Videos: Gated content is the content to which visitor’s access is restricted. It can only be accessed on registration or subscription, etc. Thus, the visitors will need to provide their information such as email address to get access. You can make use of videos as gated content. Thus, you can create series of demo videos, tutorials, how-to videos, etc; give free access to inditial few videos; and then gate the others. This way viewers will be willing to take action to view them. Also, the leads thus obtained will be more qualified.

These are a few video ideas that you can implement for lead generation. Take note that embedding videos, gating videos, adding in CTAs with video advertisements, integrating videos in emails using software, etc. will require high video creating, editing, and marketing skills. If you are not sure, the best option will be hiring a well established and experienced Video Marketing Company. So, are you ready to incorporate video marketing strategies to improve your lead generation and sales? What are you waiting for, reach out to us at Heal SEO