How To Use Video For Marketing Your Small Real Estate Business

How To Use Video For Marketing Your Small Real Estate Business

“Of the prospective real estate buyers, 40% find virtual video tours useful”, not only that, “Those Real estate listings that include a video get 403% more inquiries as compared to those which do not have a video”.

If you are a small real estate business, these numbers should be enough to make you understand that Video Marketing Your Small Real Estate Business can be a great boost to your business. Also, statistically, it is seen that real estate businesses through video marketing, can get about a 40% rise in their profits. You may be already aware of the need for your real estate businesses to grab onto Video Marketing, or you may already have ventured into it. No matter what, some tips on how to go about and how you can further strategize to leverage his audiovisual form of marketing to its fullest will help you further.

Of course, when it comes to video marketing, outsourcing a professional Digital Marketing Agency would be the right choice. Of course, you can also look for hiring an in-house video marketing expert. The choice is yours based on your budget, resources, requirements, etc. We, at Heal SEO, have been doing Digital Marketing for Real Estate Business Companies for some time now, and based on the experience gained, we have brought for you today some pointers which might be helpful.

Tips for Video Marketing Your Small Real Estate Business:

These are tips on how you can effectively make use of Videos for marketing your small real estate business –

  • The video quality: Well, when you are considering creating videos for digital marketing, the quality of your videos is of importance too. Many factors are to be considered including the copy/script for your video, the camera quality, the sound and lighting, the props used, maybe even some actors, the editing of the video, etc. Believe us, people can distinguish between a poor quality video and a good quality one. Also, aesthetics are of importance in real estate as clients will only buy if they find the piece of real estate aesthetically pleasing. You should be able to give this feeling through your videos. This is where you may feel the need for professionals providing Digital Marketing for Real Estate Business Companies due to their skilled man-power and experience. Of course, if you are really limited on your budget, you can go for in-house video production, however, make sure that you are using good quality resources, cameras, etc.

  • Make use of 360-degree videos: Two-dimensional photos are never enough to showcase properties, which is why buyers prefer watching videos instead of simple photos. While videos can beautifully showcase real estate, you can go a step further and make use of 360-degree videos that gives the viewers a complete 360-degree view and lets them look in any direction. With 360-degree/spherical/immersive videos, viewers not simply watch, but get an immersive viewing experience.

  • The length of the video: Make sure that your videos do not exceed 5 minutes. While videos can be engaging for viewers due to their audio-visual format, that doesn’t mean, they are completely watched. Thus, the smaller the video, the better, unnecessarily long videos will make you lose your clients halfway. Be clear & precise and send across your message in the least possible time.

  • Lifestyle, Location, Neighborhood sells: While you are showing an apartment or home or penthouse or bungalow or row house through your video, remember that the location of that piece of real estate is of equal importance. Also, the lifestyle of the neighborhood is of importance. Be sure to include all these factors within your videos. Highlight the perks of having a home at that specific location, underscore the lifestyle that an apartment in a specific location can provide for the buyer, etc.

  • Add a human touch: While real estates are constructions and pieces of land, property, etc. for many buyers, there are a lot of feelings involved in it. A family may be looking to buy a new home, a startup may be looking for a prime business location, etc. The process of buying will hence be of financial significance and emotional involvement. Thus, remember to add in a bit of storytelling within your videos that will emotionally resonate with your buyers, you can pull in more sales by emotionally and humanely touching your prospective buyers.

  • Testimonials increase trust: Even if buying a very small product, buyers today will look at the reviews and ratings of that product. Here, you are selling a piece of real estate; so of course, buyers will need to be reassured by your previous happy clients. So, try and get your former clients who have bought from you and have been happy with your services to give their testimonials through a video. Through proper post-sale services, you can retain a relationship with them and approach them for their testimonials. You can then get them to agree to share their positive experience with you through a video. People relate to people, and thus Testimonial videos can help you get the trust of your prospective clients.

  • Strategizing the placement of your videos: Not all videos can be promoted on all platforms – that will simply be a waste of resources. You need to strategize and put the right videos at the right time and in the right place. If you have hired a Digital Marketing Company that is overlooking the video marketing aspect of your business, make sure to give in your inputs while devising the strategies. For example, it’s better not to use testimonials for cold outreach, instead, use them to reach the clients who are in the middle of your marketing funnel. Similarly, videos that promote your services and location can instead be used for creating brand awareness. Be sure to keep vigilance on these factors.

These are some of the very basic tips that you can implement within your Video Marketing strategies. Of course, a well-experienced Digital Marketing Company such as Heal SEO, which has been servicing the industry for some time and knows all its ins and outs, can be of great assistance for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin with your video marketing journey.