Mobile App Ranking Factors In Google Play Store

Mobile App Ranking Factors In Google Play Store

Google Play store is also known as an online Android market in which people download an app of their need. Every mobile application has its built features that differ from the other, which makes its uniqueness. These days technology is increasing its scope through apps which makes apps exciting, flexible. Many of you might don't understand how to improve mobile app rankings in the google play store. Don't worry! Below are some methods that show how to increase rankings of the mobile applications in the play store.


1. Make Your Applications User-Friendly

When an app is easy to use and reliable by the customer, you may have a chance to increase the number of users, which is profitable and draws much attention from the users. User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are necessary for a user-friendly app to increase its scope towards rankings in the search list. It can even enhance your customer service and mobile app marketing.

2. SEO Rankings

Keywords play a vital role in rankings. Add a link to your website download page, which consists of the primary keyword. By adding a link your search rankings may increase in the google play store. App Store Optimization (ASO) works on better SEO rankings and subscribers to mobile applications. In brief, the more downloads you have, your search ranking is good in the online android market. A study by Sensor Tower concluded that the optimal number of repetitions of keywords is five times. You can use the help of some digital marketing companies like Heal SEO. It is a company that analyses the traffic of your app to get higher rankings for your app. 

3. Reviews And Ratings

Review and ratings are also mandatory points to consider to improve your mobile app rankings. They help you to know about the individual concern towards your mobile application. Upload the positive reviews on the download page of your app website. The higher the ratings of your mobile application, the more will be its downloaders. Create an email address for complaints and queries from users. Rectify issues and solve them. Ask for a second review for your users.

4. Proper Content

Foremost your content should be good and well placed. It is by suggesting a good title for your mobile application. Choosing an attractive and unique name can give you branding and better ASO results. When it comes to the narration of your application, it shouldn't discriminate against other apps and should not be lengthy. The interpretation should be short and brief, well understood in a 1 line sentence. The translation of the narration of your application should be catchy. If you want to give a lengthy explanation, then maintain a range of 4000 characters max and 80 characters for a short description. If the content is best, then Mobile App marketing will also be good. Keywords play a vital role in both types of narration, with lines that capture the reader's mind.

5. Graphics

Gaming sites and apps mainly focus on graphics to attract users. To grasp the attention and boost the ranking of your mobile application, you must maintain high-quality pictures in the application and the attractive icon of the mobile application. For more downloads of your application, your graphics should be clear at fight scenes and easily movable.

6. Promo-video Or Advertisements

To gain more popularity, you must work hard for it. Create a short video that completely describes your application and the content in your application. It should include each section of your application to give a brief explanation about the application. Ads can also help to gain popularity and downloads. Take screenshots while creating promo-videos so that users can believe in your app and its functionality. Place the video and screenshots above the description of your mobile application.

7. Storage

Maintaining the storage of your application is a mandatory point to be remembered. Making an app is not a big deal, but you should make sure to build an app that takes less storage. Many users don't even try to use your app if it occupies much storage. It may lead to removing your app from the search list of the google play store. Build an application with high quality and less storage. 

8. Connectivity To Social Media

In this latest trend, Social media helps to get popular enough and more downloads. Public relations also play a vital role in the social media website. Create awareness by making mails, blogs, posts, reels and post them on your website. Reach every social media account and describe your app on your account page. 

9. Update

Updating your app with new features according to the trend and the technology is more beneficial to get higher rankings in the google play store. Users may feel bored when they continuously use an app for a lengthy period and avoid it. Updating new features creates fascinating content for the app. When you have made an app, remember the customer's thinking and change accordingly for better results. Ensure that your app doesn't lag because users may hesitate when it starts straggling and stops working. Users may lose their interest which leads to negative reviews and downgrades for your app.


There are approximately over 3 million apps in the Google Play Store and has only 30 categories in it. It implies that you are competing with around 100,00 apps in your specific category. To maintain higher rankings, observe the time spent by users in your app. Make a list of the number of downloads for your app each day and a month. Observe the graph and ensure the rate of uninstallation of your app. These are the methods to improve your rankings in the Google Play Store.