Top 50 Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore

Top 50 Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore

Bangalore is the “IT capital” or “Silicon Valley” of India and hence has a large number of technology companies headquartered here. This city is India’s leading IT exporter, and if you are looking out to hire or outsource any kind of IT services – especially marketing services, Bangalore is the best place to find the country’s best ones. To help you further, here is our list of the top 50.

List Of Top 50 Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore:

  1. Bigtrunk Communications Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2013 and Headquartered in Mumbai, Bigtrunk is a Digital Marketing company. With a team of 45 employees, they have an office in Bangalore too. Their specialty lies in digital strategy, SEO, SMM, content marketing, etc. Tradebulls, ShareKhan, have been their clients.

  1. Vamos Digital: Established in 2016, Vamos Digital is a digital marketing company in Bangalore & Chennai. Their team of 10 skilled employees provides SMM, branding, and designing services. They have served clients including Zee Entertainment, Star TV

  1. ZeroZilla: Founded in 2010, Zerozilla is a digital marketing solutions provider in Bangalore and NY. The team of 29 skilled professionals provides services including Digital Strategy, SMM, PPC, etc.

  1. Neil Patel Digital India: With branches in Bangalore, Coimbatore, California, Australia, Utah, Lehi, Chicago, and Brazil; Neil Patel Digital India is one of the top Digital marketing companies in Bangalore. Their service includes SEO, SEM, SMM, CRO, Link Building, etc. & clients include Google, Viacom, NBC, ebay, etc.

  1. Heal SEO: With Offices in Bangalore, Patna, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai, Heal SEO is a Digital marketing services provider agency. Their services include Digital marketing, SEM, SMM, SEO, YouTube marketing, mobile app marketing, content writing, etc.

  1. Noboru World: Established in 2018, Noboru is a Bangalore based marketing & communications agency. Digital strategy, branding, SMM, etc. services are provided by them. Their notable clients include Answer Genie, Trekhops, Akounto, etc.

  1. Ittisa Digital Media Agency: Founded in 2014, Ittisa is a Bangalore based digital marketing company. Their team of 10+ experts offers branding, advertising, and SMM solutions to small and mid-market businesses (SMBs). They have previously served Sunfeast, Flipkart, Airtel Wynk, etc.

  1. Bizydale Nets: Established in 2014, Bizydale Nets is a Bangalore based technology and development firm. With a team of 50 skilled employees, they provide development and business consulting services to clients like the Denta Mitra, etc.

  1. Blufig: Bangalore based Bulfig was established in 2017. Their team of 14+ employees provides services including SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, etc. & have serviced clients like Serviceberry, Neutrinos, Posiflex, etc.

  1. Techasoft: Having offices spread across Bangalore, Patna, Hyderabad, and Canada; Techasoft is a holistic IT solution providing company. They provide SEM, SMM, PPC, Digital marketing, brand consulting, etc. services for the healthcare, travel, and tourism industries. 

  1. BrandStory: With its branches in Bangalore, Chennai, Australia, and the USA; BrandStory is a Digital transformation company. They provide 360 digital marketing solutions including SEO, SMM, PPC, Email marketing, etc.

  1. BUD: Established in 2010, Bud is a Bangalore based agency. Its team of 10 employees provides designing, branding, advertising, digital strategy, SMM, content marketing, direct marketing, etc. services.

  1. Founded in 2017, is a Bangalore based digital marketing startup company, providing digital strategy, content marketing, and social media marketing services to mid-market companies. They have served Bag2Bag, TenTabs, Mom’s Instacook, etc.

  1. Earning Designs Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2017, with a team of 12 employees, Earning Designs is a Bangalore headquartered design agency. They provide brand & marketing services including Brand awareness, Brand & Content Marketing, Customer acquisition, etc.

  1. Epsilon: Headquartered in SanFrancisco, Epsilon is a Digital Marketing company. It has 70 offices globally, including Bangalore, and a team of 8000+ employees working in financial services, IT, and government sectors. Their clients include Marriott, Walgreens, Staples, etc.

  1. First Launch: Launched in 2017 in Bangalore, First Launch is a digital marketing agency offering SEM, SMM, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, etc. services. Their 10-50 employee team has serviced clients like Unacademy, Qualitrix, etc.

  1. Fresh Mind Ideas: Launched in 2012, Fresh Mind Ideas is a Thiruvananthapuram based branding firm. With other office in Bangalore and 10-50 skilled employees, they provide web design, marketing strategy, and branding solutions to IT and advertising sectors.

  1. BROADNECTION: Established in 2017, BROADNECTION is a Bangalore based branding firm. They have 10+ skilled employees that provide PR, market research, and branding services to clients such as Panasonic, ITM Group, Mukunda Foods, etc.

  1. Hermitcrabs Technologies: Established in 2015, Hermitcrabs Technologies is a creative design company in Bangalore. Their team of 10 employees, provides digital strategy, SEO, Content marketing, lead generation & nurturing, marketing automation, etc. services. Their clients include Honda, Maruti Suzuki, Indeed, etc.

  1. High Traffic Consulting: Established in 2019, High Traffic consulting is a Bangalore based marketing consultancy firm. Their team of 10 skilled professionals provides SMM, SEO, and content marketing services for small businesses.

  1. iGenero Web Solution Pvt. Ltd.: Established a decade back, iGenero Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a digital technology solutions provider. They provide services in online branding identification, SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. Pepsi, Sun Pharma, Citibank, etc. have been their clients.

  1. iQuanti Inc.: Established in 2008, iQuanti is a Bangalore based digital marketing agency. Staples, Bloomberg, American Express, AVIS, etc. have been their previous clients and they provide digital marketing consultancy services such as SEO, SEM, PPC, Analytics, etc.

  1. Jootoor DesignsEstablished in 2011, Jootoor Designs is a Bangalore based digital marketing company for startups. And they are providing services including graphic design, logo design, SEO, SMM, content marketing, etc.

  1. OneDot Media Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2016, OneDot is a Chennai & Bangalore based digital marketing firm. Their 25 employees provide digital strategy, SEO, SMM, etc. services to small businesses.

  1. KEEN SEO Agency: Established in 2016, KEEN is a Bangalore based SEO Agency. With a team of 10, they serve SMBs with SEO, PPC, and designing services. Their clients include ClearMedi Healthcare, Genveritas Technologies, etc.

  1. KMAssociations: Established in 2016 as a two people team, KMAssociations is a Bangalore based web development agency that serves SMBs. Their services include designing and development.

  1. MDRIFT Technologies: MDRIFT is a Bangalore based IT consulting agency, established in 2013. They have another office in Suwanee and provide software, web development and digital strategy services.

  1. Ralecon: Established in 2012, Ralecon is a Bangalore based Digital Marketing service provider. They have serviced clients such as Paytm, Orchids, HDFC Reality, etc; and provide services including SEO, SMM, PPC, ORM, Mobile Advertising, etc.

  1. Media Moments: Founded in 2011, Media Moments is a Bangalore based digital solutions provider. Their team of 50+ members provides digital campaign services including SEO, SMM, PPC, Digital ads, etc.

  1. Moshi Moshi Media: Founded in 2014, Moshi Moshi is a Bangalore based start-up. With 50+ skilled employees, they provide design, strategy & business consulting, digital strategy, SEO, SMM, PPC, etc. services.

  2. My Digital Leader: Established in 2018, My Digital leader is a Bangalore based digital marketing agency. Their team of 5 skilled employees provides SEO, SMM, and digital strategy services to mid-sized industries.

  1. VirtusaPolaris: Established in 1993, VirtusaPolaris provides business consulting services including IT consulting and Digital marketing. They have a team of 3,000 employees spread across Bangalore, Chennai, New York, MA, and Westborough.

  1. Vistas Ad Media Communications Pvt. Ltd.: Founded in 1997, Vistas is a Bangalore based digital marketing services company. Their team of 10-50 employees provides services in designing, development, advertising, email marketing, PPC, SEO, SMM, etc.

  1. Growth Hackers Digital: Established in 2017, Growth Hackers Digital is a Bangalore based digital strategy agency. They provide services in digital strategy, SEO, PPC, etc. Their team of 10+ employees has served clients such as ICICI Pru Life, Decathlon, etc.

  1. Nextbrain: Founded in 2016, Nextbrain is an IT company headquartered in Bangalore. They provide digital marketing. SEO, SMM, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, Brand reputation, etc. services.

  2. Nextwebi: Nextwebi is a Bangalore based, high-end IT solutions provider with a team of 10+ employees providing solutions including designing, branding, SEO, SMM, PPC, content marketing, etc. 

  3. Digimark AgencyBased in Bangalore, Digimark is a Digital Marketing Service provider. They have serviced, Flipkart, Ziphop, Sage in, etc. & provide SEO, SMM, PPC, analytics, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc. services.

  1. DigiElevation: Established in 2019, DegiElevation is a digital marketing firm supplying digital strategy, SEO, PPC, etc services to legal, healthcare, and IT sectors.

  2. Pen on Paper Technologies: Established in 2019, Pen on Paper Technologies is a Bangalore based design and branding firm. Their team <10 employees provides design, development, SEO, PPC, Branding, etc. services. They have served HappyCredit, Simplilearn Solutions, etc.

  1. Pixelmattic: Established in 2015, Pxilelllmattic is an IT development company. Serving SMBs, their team of 10 provides design, content marketing, digital strategy, etc. services & have served IT, media, education, and non-profit industries 

  2. Rapidmind Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2018, Rapidmind is a Bangalore based digital products consulting agency. Their team of <10 provides SEO & web development services. Sterling, backtrack, Ideaon, BigTapp, etc. have been their clients.

  1. StarWquared PR: Star Squared PR is a Public relations firm, established in 2016, and based in Bangalore. Their team of 15 provides services in public relations, SMM, content marketing, etc.

  2. Spikeway Technologies: Launched in 2015, Spikeway is a web development company providing SEO, e-commerce development, and web development services. They have offices in Bangalore, Noida, and New Delhi with 20 employees & have served,,, etc.

  1. Sumeru Inc: Established two decades back, Sumeru Inc. is a Los Angeles & Bangalore based technology consultancy firm. Their services include SEO analytics, brand management, email marketing, Paid Ads etc. They have served Dell, Art of Living Foundation, etc.

  1. TOGC (The Online Growth Company): Founded most recently in 2020, The Online Growth Company is a Kolkata based advertising & marketing agency. It has another office in Bangalore. They have a team of less than 10 skilled employees providing PPC, branding, etc. services to small businesses. The Light Story, Kraftroom, The Humanity Express, etc. have been their previous clients.

  1. Digicliff: Established in 2009, Digicliff is a digital marketing solutions provider. Their offices in Bangalore and Coimbatore provides SEO, SEM, SMM solutions. They have previously served Pearson, Puma, TATA Communications, Byju’s, Edureka, etc.

  1. Public Media Solution: Launched in 2014, Public Media Solution is a Pune based PR firm. They have another office in Bangalore and a 10+ employee team providing web & mobile development, SEO, PR, etc. services.

  1. Zevahit: Established in 2017, Zevahit is a Bangalore based marketing firm. Their team of 2+ employees provides SEO and content marketing services. They have previously serve,, etc.

  1. Zoronto: Launched in 2016, Zoronto is a creative marketing firm. With offices in Sheridan and Bangalore and 10+ employees, they provide email marketing services.

  1. GimmeGamma: Founded in 2019, GimmeGamma is a Bangalore based digital marketing firm. Their team of 2+ provides SEO, PR, and content marketing services.

So, this was our list of the topmost Digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, go through all the companies mentioned above and choose. Rest assured, those mentioned are the best of the best.